Do you want to play at the hottest harder styles festival? Join our residents Code Black, Da Tweekaz, Art of Fighters and Villain alongside with 100+ international DJs on the stage. All you have to do is create a kickass mix, apply to our Wildcard Competition and be selected.



How to apply

Before applying, make sure to read the instructions and the rules very carefully! To apply, click here or send us the following info to the email

Include the following details:

Full name (Name & Surname)
Artist name
Link to your mix (see instructions below)
Links to your social media pages
Why should you be our next Wildcard? (maximum 200 characters, NOT words)


The award

The competition will give awards for two separate winners:

Hardstyle or Raw Hardstyle Wildcard prize: A slot to play on the Mainstage during one of our night parties, accommodation during the festival, cover of travel expenses up to 150 EUR & drinks at the festival.

Hardcore Wildcard prize:
A slot to play on Angerfist 'Creed Of Chaos' showcase, accommodation during the festival, cover of travel expenses up to 150 EUR & drinks at the festival.

Travel expenses coverage remains up to 150 EUR regardless of the number of the people under the same artist name.



1. Follow the instructions or your mix will not be added to our SoundCloud playlist. Mixes not added on our playlist will also not be considered for the finals.
2. Maximum length is no more than 20 minutes (be creative). Everything longer will be rejected.
3. Use only the platform mentioned in the instructions. If you don’t have a channel on Soundcloud, create it.
4. While we strongly encourage the usage of your own productions, you are also allowed to only use officially released tracks. Mixes with unreleased tracks that are not your own will be rejected.
5. Number of people in the act is not limited, while the maximum travel expenses of 150 EUR will be split among all the members.


1. Upload your mix to your Soundcloud channel.
2. Include our official thumbnail picture: Download here.
3. Name the mix: Hard Island Croatia 2018 Wildcard by ‘Insert your artist name’.
4. In the description, include the tracklist and link to the page
5. Share the mix on our event page and your own social media pages. Likes and comments are important to us! It's important to include the Hard Island page tag in all your posts.

Choosing the winners

The process consists of three stages:

1. Application period: Application period takes place between May 11th and May 25th 11:59 pm 2018.

2. Judging process: Judging will take place between May 26nd and May 28th. Finalists will be revealed on May 28th, followed by an email containing the instructions.

2a. Judging process in the first stage will be subjective decision made by the core members of Hard Island Team who will also strongly take into the consideration the answer to the question ‘Why should you be our next Wildcard?’.
2b. Finalists will need to send their high quality mix (.mp3, 320 kbps) in the next 24 hours following the email with instructions. The mixes of the finalists will be uploaded to our official SoundCloud channel
2c. Judging of the finalists will consider three main factors: i) The quality and creativity of the mix, own produced tracks are a big plus, ii) Social media exposure of your mix on our official Hard Island Soundcloud channel, iii) The feedback from the fans on all our social media channel and our official 2018 event page

3. Announcing the winners: Both Mainstage and Angerfist 'Creed Of Chaos' showcase wildcard winners will be announced on June 1st 2018.


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