Experience amazing summer vibes while surrounded by two of Croatia's most beautiful mountain peaks, crisp blue water, and sunny skies. Location of Hard Island is what truly sets it apart from any other festival

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Zrce Beach

This luminous 1km-long cove with a pebble beach and a great view of the mainland mountains offers an unparalleled clubbing experience. Day & night the beach echoes beats from 4 open-air super clubs and many cool bars. Aside from various techno, EDM and hip-hop events, with Hard Island the beach also represents the harder styles of electronic music. Musiclovers from around the world are rendered speechless in this decadent paradise of fun.

Kalypso Club

Kalypso is definitely the place where celebration never ends. Over the years it has been the host of electronic music superstars. Festivals, special events, crazy pool parties and outstanding after beach parties are already a part of the partygoers’ collective memory. The very seafront location of Kalypso beach club, surrounded by hundred-year-old pine trees and the utopian landscape of the island of Pag, is what creates the unique atmosphere and places Kalypso very high on the list of the world’s best clubs.

Aquarius Club

The success of the Aquarius club on Zrce beach quickly spread out of the borders of Croatia, putting it on the world map of excellent summer party destinations. So it’s no wonder that the club is populated each season by an array of thousands of international guests, which form a special and unique atmosphere. Aquarius is well-known exactly for the fact that it doesn’t compromise on standards, constantly seeking new and modern approaches.

Island of Pag

Island of Pag is situated in the north-west part of the Croatian coast. Most of its surface is naked from vegetation so the sun bleached karst rock forms give it a moonscape appearance that sets the feeling of being on another planet. The island is trapped between two mountain ridges, surrounded by clear blue sky and crystal blue water of the Adriatic Sea. Aside from being one of the most fascinating islands in Croatia, its vibrant nightlife indeed sets it apart.


Croatia is a beautiful Mediterranean country, bordering Slovenia in the west, Hungary in the north, Serbia in the east, Bosnia and Herzegovina in the south and Italy in the Adriatic Sea. As part of the EU it is modern, developed and safe. From staggering 5835km of coastline as much as 4057km belogns to more than a 1000 islands and countless cliffs and reefs. The climate is Mediterranean which makes Croatia one of the sunniest coastlines in Europe!


Summer in Croatia is hot with blue skies and almost no rain. Sunrise is around 6AM and sunset is after 9PM. Days are sunny and hot, nights are warm with stars in the sky. Daily temperatures range from 27 to 35, while water temperature remains around 20-24 degrees Celsius. The conditions are perfect for relaxing at the beach, swimming and having some drinks at the beach parties, before partying like crazy all night and finally going to bed at sunrise.

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Quick overview

Where to party?

The Island of Pag, besides being a truly unique maritime destination, is well known for its entertainment and nightlife which takes place mostly in Zrce Beach, the decadent and exotic leading clubbing destination of Croatia and possibly all of Central Europe, and Novalja, a small yet vibrant town full of bars and restaurants. Even with so many interesting places to visit, Zrce Beach is where the real party takes place. Music is pounding day and night, beautiful people are dancing and having fun, drinking cocktails on the sun-kissed pebble beach before jumping in the sea for a swim or taking a jet-ski for a spin on the waves. Three out of four superclubs are rated in the Top 100 Clubs by DJ Mag, although all of them deserve to be on the very top of the chart.

Where to eat and drink?

In or near our accommodation areas you can find numerous restaurants and taverns, while we most recommend you to visit restaurants Antonio, Sidro or Boskinac, as well as taverns Arka, Stari Mlin or Antika. You can also check other possibilities here. If you want to savor the specialties of Novalja and the Island of Pag we recommend you to try the following dishes - Pag cheese, lamb, needle macaroni, curd strudel, a variety of fish and seafood dishes, grilled meats, traditional domestic delicacies such as hrostule, and fritters.

Where to shop?

In Novalja, you can find a local shop almost on any corner, but if you are searching for a supermarket, we suggest you can visit Hiper Novalis or Konzum near the main intercity bus station or Plodine near the main local bus roundabout in Novalja.

What to do?

Going to the beach

Zrce Beach is a picturesque 1km-long cove, located south-east of Novalja. With an amazing view of the mainland mountains and 4 big clubs with music playing day and night, it offers an unparalleled clubbing experience.

Gajac Beach is located in the tourist town of Gajac in close proximity to Zrce Beach. It is less crowded and offers a more relaxed experience without loud music. We recommend having lunch or dinner in one of the restaurants on the beach - food is good and not expensive while the view is beautiful.

Besides Zrce and Gajac, there are many beautiful and lonely beaches close to the town of Novalja. such as Cista, Branicevica, Planjka, Lokunje and Babe. Beaches of Camp Strasko and Caska are also very good, and close to Novalja.

Simuni beach is a bit further, so it’s necessary to have a car to go there. It is home to sparkling crystal waters and rocky shores. It also has trees that provide shade that guests can either rest under or string up their hammock. Being somewhat isolated the location of Simuni Beach allows it to be less crowded than other spots, even during the high season.


The Cultural summer of Novalja is taking place during all summer. The program is very palatable, with interesting happenings such as art exhibitions, classical music concerts, folk music performances, folklore groups performances, promotional book exhibitions, theater plays, open air cinema performances, entertainment music concerts and similar. The most visited manifestation are the evenings when the visitors can savor domestic delicacies while enjoying Dalmatian music.


The importance of sports and recreation is increasing every year in Novalja and surroundings. You can find a football stadium, a multi-purpose sports hall, tennis courts, fitness gyms, saunas etc. Sports lovers can paintball, hiking, cycling, tennis, walking, trekking and numerous other activities. Water sports, including diving, water skiing, speed boat tube pulling and yachting are a big thing, as the Island of Pag is a booming summer destination.

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All location info

Click below for even more info about Island of Pag, how to get there and your way around.

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How to get there?

You can fly, drive or join an organised tour and have a trip of a lifetime. Let us help you organise it.


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