A Festival Ticket gives you access to all venues and parties of the festival program (ex. HI LIFE & Boat Parties). More than 100 international hard dance artists will make sure that the party is insane!

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Ticket sales phases

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2   Early Bird
       SOLD OUT

3   Regular
       69 EUR


A VIP ticket gives you access to special VIP areas, less crowded VIP-only bars and toilets & priority for boarding boat parties. This means you get extra dancing space, a better view of the stage and spend less time waiting for more time partying. VIP tickets are already included in Villa & Exclusive Apartment packages.

There’s also SuperVIP, for all you high rollers out there. It’s a very special upgrade for groups of at least 4 people who book an Exclusive apartment or Villa. Strictly limited to 100 persons! Click here for details!

Hopping on a Boat Party might be the most hedonistic experience on the agenda. And there will be lots of them to satisfy lovers of all hard music genres!
See Boat Parties

Hard Island is not just a festival, it is a way of life. To celebrate this philosophy we present you our new HI LIFE events. They are additional parties in our festival program, however the tickets for those events are bought separately.
Check all events

You get a ticket and a place to stay. Choose from standard, premium or exclusive apartments. You can also choose a hostel, a hotel or a villa. Yes, a villa, so you can party in style if you want.
See the packages here

All packages include a cozy place to stay with your Festival Ticket. Choose from hostel, hotel, standard apartment, exclusive apartment or even private villa offers. If you buy a Holiday Package you are carefree, if you buy Ticket-only you'll need to take care of accommodation yourself and risk having concerns on your holiday.

Each ticket-only booking can be upgraded to a package whenever you like. Visit the online shop and choose your holiday package. On Step 2 remove the festival ticket. Your ticket will be discounted from the package price.

PLEASE NOTE: Regular or VIP festival ticket do not grant you access to any Boat Party or HI LIFE event even though these events are part of the festival program. Tickets for Boat Parties and HI LIFE events must be purchased separately.


If you book accommodation with unofficial suppliers, via online booking services or direct with owners:

  • prices of individual services are higher and you overall pay more
  • our team is not available to help you solve your problems
  • included services such as WiFi and Air condition are not guaranteed even if promised
  • location and other specified details indicated in the offer can change last minute
  • you are exposed to other unpredictable situations and risks
  • the price of accommodation is not guaranteed and you might have to pay extra upon arrival

But DON’T WORRY, we never turn our back on anyone in need!


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