How can I sign-in to my account?

If you’ve made a booking before December 2016, your account was already automatically created. In order to sign-in to your account, simply go to https://shop.hardisland.com/#loginModal and send yourself a new password to the email that you've used for your booking.

If you’ve made your first booking after December 2016, the first password for your account should have been sent to you from our system by email. Use the password to login here.

The password consists of random characters, so we recommend you to change it upon signing up for the first time.

What can I do in my account?

You can do the following things:

- Request to edit your booking (add extra additions, change information about you or your friends, change selected options)

- Download the Booking Confirmation PDF and once they are sent out also the Voucher PDF

- View details of your current booking or

- Pay for any unpaid or partly paid bookings you’ve made so far

- Edit your profile details or change your password.

Is the information I give during STEP 2 of my booking safe?

Yes! All your information is processed by a safe system from GoNParty, the official ticketing and travel agency for Hard Island. All information is encrypted and processed safely. For more information check the Privacy Policy.

Is it possible to arrange a payment plan and split the payment into several installments?

Yes! Until April 1st, 2017, it was possible to divide your payment into 2 or 3 equal installments. Only the first installment had to be paid right away, while the rest can be paid according to the due dates at STEP 4 of your booking process. Make sure to book sooner next year and make use of this cool feature!

Furthermore, we are presenting a cool new feature - you can divide every installment between your friends! This means that you don't have to find ways to get money back from your friends when you make a group booking. All you have to do is send the payment link to each friend and they will pay their own installment.

NOTICE: Payment plans are only available for our holiday options (e.g. accommodation packages).

How can I make a purchase at the Online shop?

Simply follow the steps in the booking process. If you need help, please contact us via our live support chat, email help@hardisland.com or Facebook message.

For maximum security, online payments are processed by IcePay and PayPal.

I tried to complete the payment process and my payment did not go through, what can I do?

If your payment was not completed, there are several possibilities. First, check if you mistyped your credit/debit card number or your security number. If it’s correct and payment is still not processed, check with your bank if you have sufficient funds for your purchase or if there is a daily limit set on your card. The daily limit needs to be at least 1 EUR higher than the amount you want to pay. If it is lower, you need to ask your bank to raise or remove it. If you still can't process your purchase successfully, please contact us via our live support chat, email help@hardisland.com or Facebook message.

What is a booking confirmation?

The booking confirmation is an official document issued by GoNParty to the customer (payee) as proof of the booking and payment. As the main legal document that verifies the formal relationship between GoNParty and the customer, it contains all details of your booking. It also serves as an invoice after the services have been provided.

When and how will I receive my voucher?

You have now received a Booking Confirmation PDF that contains all the info about your booking. Few weeks before the festival we will send you another document (aka The Voucher). Even though is an important document, we sent it later on for two reasons.

First of all, we don’t want you to have to scramble through a few months’ of emails in order to find it. Second, it takes a lot of time and effort to organize this entire thing and we really want the voucher to be perfect for you. That means we need to arrange a bunch of things and some just can’t be arranged that far in advance, but we want to include it on your voucher. This doesn’t mean we’ll send your voucher a day before the festival, oh no. You’ll get it early enough, we promise.

What is a voucher?

The voucher is an official document that is being exchanged for the appropriate service/bracelet at Hard Island 2017. The person doing the booking (client) is also the person receiving the voucher.

Will I have to print out the voucher?

This is entirely your choice. You can either print the voucher or simply show it on your smartphone.

The currency on my credit or debit card is not EUR, what do I need to do?

Nothing. The amount is automatically transformed to EUR according to daily currency rates.

Who can I contact with questions regarding my booking?

You can contact our team of helpful agents via our live chat support on the right bottom of the website, email help@hardisland.com or send a Facebook message.